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About Us

Fetch Remedy Dogs is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

Fetch Remedy Dogs is committed to impacting the lives of those in need. We have multiple programs ranging from the following: 

Therapy Dog Training

Rent a Fetch Therapy Dog
for your organization or Event

Service Dog Program

Service dogs are specially trained to perform specific tasks to assist people with disabilities and help them to live full, independent lives. Click here for a complete list of tasks Fetch remedy dogs is currently training for. Service dogs learn these skills through rigorous training that builds on but goes well beyond what is taught in standard dog training classes.

Through our therapy dog program, Dogs are specially trained for group activities and environments. Therapy dog candidates must possess some important qualities :
click the button below to review and schedule your assessment. 


Our Story

Fetch Remedy Dogs is located in Zanesville Ohio, and was founded by Jensen McVey. Jensen has been involved in dogs and dog training of many levels since 2015 - and since then has grown to expand on the programs that bring value to the lives of others. We partner with many organizations around our community, such as Muskingum Valley Behavioral Health, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Fetch Remedy Dogs is also 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Meet Our Dogs 

Message From Our Founder


Jensen McVey

Head Trainer

Dogs have always been my source of comfort and healing as I've worked through my own mental health journey. Through my training in the mental health field I have seen first hand the emotional benefits that dogs can bring into our lives. With this organization I look forward to bringing that same source of comfort and support into the lives of those that need it most.
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